Saturday, May 15, 2010

Product Review - Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers

This week I tried two different varieties of Healthy Choice Steamers for lunch: the Balsamic Garlic Chicken and the Grilled Chicken Marinara

Since I had the same experience with both meals, I'll give an overall review of both. Generally, when you buy a pre-prepared meal out of the frozen section of the grocery store, you end up with something that doesn't resemble the picture on the package at all. It looks more like the gruel being served in a fiction novel about an orphanage. This meal, however, surprised me. When I finished microwaving it and put it on a plate, you almost couldn't tell it was a frozen meal at all. I think the steamer basket was key in keeping everything from sloshing together into one big pile of sauce covered goo.

It fell a little short in the taste department, though. The noodles were a little slippery from being "steamed" which made the sauce watery. The chicken was very tasty. My experiences with meat in other frozen meals has been pretty disappointing. It feels funny to write, but this chicken actually tasted like chicken. Overall, I was pretty impressed with the quality, and for just under $4, it was a reasonable option for lunch at work. I paired it with an apple and was full until about 4:30 pm, which is when I normally have a snack, anyway.

Out of these two, I think the Chicken Marinara tasted better, but neither tasted bad.

Overall Rating: 8/10

I was not compensated for this review. I purchased the products mentioned above at full price our of my local grocer's freezer.

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