Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Black Bean Burgers, Redux

I've made black bean burgers before, and while they've tasted good, they've never been great. Imagine my delight when I saw that this week's challenge for 52 Weeks of Cooking was legumes.

First, I had to check if a black bean qualified as a legume. A quick hop over to wikipedia informed me that, yes, the beans qualified. Since I've made them before, I started with the old recipe and then doctored it up.

  1. This time I used one can of corn and one can of black beans.
  2. I added half of a red pepper to the pulsed mixture.
  3. No jalapeno because the grocery story was sold out.
  4. Instead of fresh herbs I had to settle for dried because, again, the grocery store was fresh out.
  5. I used a whole wheat sandwich thin instead of a traditional hamburger bun.
  6. Served with salsa this time instead of traditional burger toppings. My husband quite liked his with hot sauce.
And just a few notes on the cooking:
  1. When I cooked the first batch on medium, one side burned before it could cook through. I would suggest cooking at a lower temp for longer.
  2. Don't try to flip them before they've cooked pretty thoroughly or they will fall apart.


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