Sunday, June 27, 2010

The "New and Improved" Domino's Pizza

Last night we had a bunch of people over after the Phillies game. Since we tailgated in the late afternoon, we weren't hungry again until after 10:00. This also happened to be after our favorite local pizza place closed for the night. After several tries at ordering from another mom and pop store, we determined that it was too late and they were all closed.

Enter: Domino's pizza. Everyone seemed pretty gung-ho about it, but I had my doubts. Not that we really had a choice.

We ordered three pizzas - olives, pepperoni and plain - and breadsticks. It came to the house in about forty five minutes so we immediately scarfed it down.

Before I start my review, I will preface it with the fact that I haven't eaten "chain" pizza since I was in college 5 years ago, so I may be somewhat jaded.

From what I remember of the old Dominoes pizza, the new one tasted almost exactly the same but with more garlic salt on the crust. The cheese and sauce were okay, but the crust was beyond greasy. I had a slice of pepperoni and the one thing I did like was how crispy the meat was. It was even a little charred on the edges.

I also had a breadstick, which really wasn't a stick at all. To prepare what they call breadsticks, Domino's takes a round piece of dough, covers it in oil and spices (my best guess is garlic and onion powder, oregano, grated parm cheese and lots of salt) and then it gets cooked. Once it's out, it's cut in half and one of those halves is placed in a box to serve. This would be great, except you end up with about 8 breadsticks that are all different lengths. My best estimate of the longest one would be 4 inches, tops. The shortest was just a stub of a stick. As you may guess, with 9 hungry people, that can cause some serious tension.

Overall, I don't think we'd order Dominoes again. Next time we are in a dire situation like the one I described above, I think we'll try Papa John's. For now, we will stick with our local pizza shop because their pizza is the best.

Overall Rating: 2/10 (and they only got the 2 for the crispy pepperoni)

I leave you with this, because I just couldn't resist.


  1. I's not that great.

    The hubs and I tried it a few months ago when we heard about it and just like you said, it was just drenched in buttery/garlic stuff.By time it got to us, the whole bottom of the box was wet with the stuff and it was just way too greasy.

    The taste was just weird and we officially won't be ordering from them anymore.

  2. We didn't like it much either.

  3. Dominos has never been my choice for pizza. Glad to no I am not missing anything by trying it simply because of their new marketing strategy.

  4. Yeah, Domino's is not a favorite. When I was in college everyone ate their pizza because they delivered to the dorms but since then I've avoided it. Oh well :-)

  5. A friend brought a Domino's pizza over for movie night a few months ago. It was so bad, none of us could eat it. One person likened the taste and texture of the sauce to (stop reading if you have a weak stomach) coagulated blood. We had to order another pizza from somewhere else, and just ate cheese and crackers while we waited an hour for delivery.

  6. yeah *sigh* Papa John's all the way!