Monday, July 6, 2009

Super Easy Fruit Salad

This weekend we went to a Fourth of July BBQ at a friends house. There were going to be a lot of people there so I volunteered to bring a couple things. Since I'm trying to stay healthy, I went for a fruit salad and an orzo salad. Here is the recipe for a super easy fruit salad that was a real hit.

Super Easy Fruit Salad

1 lb bing cherries
1 box blueberries
1 lb green seedless grapes


Slice the grapes and cherries in half, and throw out the cherry pits. Add blueberries and mix. Serve either in a large mixing bowl, or portion into dessert dishes and top with whipped cream.

Note: Halving the cherries and grapes makes it look like this dish actually required effort. I will also say that everyone was very happy to have cherries without the work of getting rid of the pits! This also doubled as a delicious breakfast the next day.


  1. Simply delicious for sure. Good way to enjoy them in hot summer weather.

  2. This looks great! I haven't had fruit salad in such a long time - maybe this weekend now that I've seen this.