Saturday, April 10, 2010

Trip to Amish Farmer's Market - Mullica Hill, NJ

This morning I went to the Amish market in Mullica Hill, NJ with my parents. My mom goes every week and always raves about how great it is. After hearing this time after time, I decided I needed to check it out myself. From the way my mom talked about it, I envisioned this place to be huge, like larger than our local Target. Much to my dismay, it was about as big as Trader Joe's. A little unimpressed with the size, I applied the old adage that 'good things come in small packages' and followed my parents in.

Upon entering you are greeted with the amazing smell of freshly made donuts. Naturally, the donut stand is right by the door to suck you in. I avoided temptation and continued to the left. The whole place is designed in a circle, with vendors lining both sides. When you're done, you have the choice of leaving, or eating whatever you purchased in a little dining area.

Next to the donuts was the produce. It all looked very fresh, but I didn't purchase any. In this section, you could also buy a freshly made fruit smoothie. On the other side of the produce were baked goods with items like cookies, pies, cakes, and breads, and the sandwich stand, where you could buy a made-to-order hoagies (subs, heroes, torpedoes, grinders, whatever you want to call them).

Passing both of those stands by, we headed to the beef and pork counter. Since it was my first time and I didn't have a ton of cash on me (no credit cards accepted!), I went light. I purchased four beef burgers and four pork chops. My mom got a pound of chipped steak that would be wonderful for steak sandwiches, a rack of ribs, and a pork loin. On the other side of this counter, was a stand that sold chips and various kinds of dips. We passed on that one, though I was curious to see if their black bean hummus dip was anything like mine. Maybe next time.

Next up was the lunch meat counter on our right and the poultry counter to the left. I opted for a pound of 98% fat free, low sodium turkey breast from the lunch meat counter and my mom picked up some chicken cutlets and already cooked hot wings from the poultry counter.

Then I ventured into the candy and nut shop on the left while my dad picked up his favorite tapioca pudding. While perusing the candy and nuts, I observed that the prices of the candy were just a bit high and passed. I did pick up some yummy unsalted, roasted almonds though, since they were slightly cheaper than the ones I get at the grocery store.

After all this shopping, I was hungry, so I stopped off at the homemade pretzel booth. Here you have the option of pretzel dogs, cheesesteak pretzel dogs, pepperoni and cheese pretzel dogs, and just regular pretzels (plain or cinnamon and sugar). I wasn't feeling very saucy, so I got a plain pretzel. It was buttery and hot right out of the oven, and delicious! For $1.75, it was well worth it.

On our way out, the lure of the donut caught my dad. He picked up a half dozen.

Overall, I would say I had a great experience at the Market. It would take me about 40 minutes to get there from my house, though, so I probably won't make it out there that often. Everything was so fresh, I wish it was just a little bit closer. If you go, I would definitely recommend bringing some of your own canvas reusable grocery bags. You pay separately at each counter and end up with a ton of bags that are different sizes, so it would help to consolidate.

Here's a truly terrible picture of my haul. I was taking shots for a half hour and finally gave up:

Amish Farmers Market
108 Swedesboro Road
Mullica Hill, New Jersey

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  1. This sounds like a fun day trip! I don't think I would be able to pass up the lure of the donut though;D