Sunday, January 17, 2010

Restaurant Review: Mexican Food Factory - Marlton, NJ

Last night we went to the Mexican Food Factory with my brother and his girlfriend. My husband and I have been here two other times and loved the food. Our guests had never been, so we were hoping to show off how good the food was.

We went sort of early, and it wasn't very crowded, so we didn't have to wait for a seat. The hostess sat us in a booth in the back. Normally, I like booths, but for some reason the seating is all off kilter there, and some of the booths are really tight. The first one we tried was cutting into us on one side, with ample space on the other. The tables don't move, so we had to switch seats. Once settled, we ordered the following:

Chips and Salsa
Me: Black Bean Soup and Chicken Fajitas
Husband: Chicken Tortilla Soup and Mole Pablano
Brother's GF: Black Bean Soup and Chicken Chimichanga
Brother: Chicken Tortilla Soup and Carne Birra

The restaurant also has a good number of Mexican beers on tap, as well as familiar favorites. They also offer sangria and margaritas. The guys were happy with their beers. My husband got one called Quack, which tasted a little like wine. I ordered the Sangria, which was fruity and delicious.

The Black Bean soup was delicious, which also came with rice. The Tortilla soup, the soup of the day, was also great. It came with tortilla chips to dunk into the soup.

You also get two types of salsa at MFF. One is a little too hot for me, but I love the traditional mild tomato salsa. It goes perfect with the chips.

My chicken fajitas were perfectly cooked. My only complaint is the amount of tortillas you get with them. You get about 8 pieces of chicken on a bed of green peppers and onions. However, you only get 4 tortillas - the small kind. I always end up with extra chicken - which isn't such a bad thing because it tastes great on its own anyway.

Everyone but my brother was please with their meal. The Carne Birra came out cold. It wasn't just a little cold, but was probably sitting out for at least 20 minutes. The waitress was extremely apologetic about this, and when my brother mentioned that he didn't like the meal in general, she let him order another at no additional charge. He ordered the chicken and pork flautas, which he said were very good.

Overall, it was a nice experience at the restaurant. I love Mexican food, and think they're fajitas are one of the best in the area. If you go, I'd recommend asking for a table as opposed to a booth, so you don't run into the same problem we did.

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