Wednesday, March 10, 2010

NJ Diner Tour to Benefit our Food Banks

So I heard about something pretty cool going on next weekend in NJ. The Kindred Souls, a band based out of NJ, is doing a diner tour. Yes, you read it right, a diner tour. Here's the idea: The weekend of March 19, the band will start visiting a diner in each county of NJ. They'll play a set, and ask everyone dining to donate $1 per table, and have the diner match that, with $1 per check. All proceeds will go to the NJ Federation of Food Banks. The band plans to hit one diner in each of NJ's 21 counties. I'm exhausted just thinking about it and I didn't even strum a guitar!

So if you're going to be in NJ that weekend, check out the schedule and pop into one of our state's great diners for a bite to eat and to donate! If they reach their goal, it will mean 21,000 pounds of food for the Food Bank.

Thanks to John and Lisa Are Eating in South Jersey for the heads up on this!

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